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MultiVisual - the finalists of the 5th edition of Poland’s Got Talent, the group is created by:

  • Tomasz "Barney" Piotrowski - finalist of the 4th edition

  • Kamil "Dzielny" Dziliński - semi-finalist of the 1st edition

  • Michał "Shao" Szałucho - competitor of the 3rd edition

with guest appearances by:

  • Julian Waglewski - a finalist of the 7th edition.

Thanks to specially designed multimedia props, any desired image, writing, or logo might be projected during the MultiVisual show, creating colourful spectacles, amazing audiences in Poland and abroad.

The September of 2012 brought their Got Talent’s 5th edition act, where they amazed Agnieszka Chylinska, Robert Kozyra and Malgorzata Foremniak with their Ring Manipulation.

“For me, your level means the Finals, always the Finals”
- This was the Jury’s president’s opinion of the act. The Laser Manipulation show they performed in the semi-finals guaranteed their victory, and an advance to the Finals of the TV show.

MultiVisual is a constantly developing project. Tomek, Kamil, and Michał are always looking for new ways to surprise their spectator. Their ideas meet the event sector requirements perfectly, being original, dynamic, and customised for each and every client.


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